Former Yazidi Sex Slave Says She was ‘Owned’ by American ISIS Leader

Former Yazidi Sex Slave Says She was ‘Owned’ by American ISIS Leader

An Iraqi Yazidi woman who was kidnapped and sold to an ISIS fighter says she was “owned” by an American Muslim convert.

The woman, known as Nada, age 19, escaped the clutches of her American Muslim captor and is now in the U.S. telling her story.

According to Christian Today, Nada says she was enslaved by an American known as Abu Abdullah al-Amriki who is a convert to Islam and a leader among the Islamic State.

Nada says she had seen him given instructions to other militants on how to fight and how to conduct an ambush. 

Nada is currently giving her testimony to the FBI to help track the American ISIS militant. She reported that al-Amriki always carries an AK47 rifle, a pistol, a policeman’s stick he used to beat her and others in his custody, and a vial of poison to kill himself if he was caught.

Nada was reportedly kidnapped along with eight other woman and one boy. All of them were sold at a slave market, but Nada, one other woman, and the boy were kept together and taken to the same place. Eventually, the three of them were able to escape when al-Amriki was away fighting. They stole his cell phone and trekked north until they reached Kurdish police.

Nada said that al-Amriki would tell her about his family who lived in the U.S. and said he frequently traveled to see them.

Authorities have yet to identify the American. 

Publication date: October 1, 2015