Franklin Graham: America Needs Spiritual Healing, Not More Gun Laws

Franklin Graham: America Needs Spiritual Healing, Not More Gun Laws

President Barack Obama recently responded to the devastating Charleston church shooting that took the lives of nine people with a message urging gun control in America. But evangelist Franklin Graham said what Americans need at a time like this is not more gun laws, but spiritual healing, Christian Today reports.

In a Facebook post, Graham wrote, "President Obama's answer to the tragic shooting of nine people in Charleston, SC, is to have more gun laws. With all due respect Mr. President, all of the laws in the world can't change the human heart—only God can do that. Our nation needs a spiritual healing—we have turned our back on God and His laws."

The question of whether or not to take down the Confederate flag at the South Carolina State House has also become a point of debate after the fatal shooting. Graham also offered his views on this, writing that “it’s time for this flag to be set aside as a part of our history.” 

Graham said his own great-great-grandfathers served in the Confederate army and were wounded. But now Americans need to focus on unity. 

“We are all Americans, and we need unity today more than ever. Through faith in Christ we can have love and reconciliation with one another—regardless of race,” Graham wrote. 

Publication date: June 23, 2015