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Franklin Graham Calls Charlotte Transgender Bathroom Ordinance 'Shameful'

Franklin Graham Calls Charlotte Transgender Bathroom Ordinance 'Shameful'

The Rev. Franklin Graham called a Charlotte ordinance that would allow transgender residents to use either a men’s or women’s bathroom shameful.

"Shame on Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts and the city council members,” Graham wrote Tuesday after the council voted to pass the controversial ordinance.

Under the ordinance, businesses cannot discriminate against gay, lesbian, or transgender customers, according to The Christian Post.

"It's not over though," Graham said. "North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has been clear that this is a bad policy and said if the city passed it, immediate legislative action would likely be taken by the state. I hope they will take swift action to strike down this dangerous ordinance or bring it to a referendum for voters to decide."

Before the vote Graham wrote that he worried about the safety of those using the bathrooms if the vote passed.

"Are people just not thinking clearly? This law would allow pedophiles, perverts, and predators into women's bathrooms. This is wicked and it's filthy. To think that my granddaughters could go into a restroom and a man be in there exposing himself … what are we setting our children and grandchildren up for? There's not a public restroom in Charlotte that would be safe!"

Publication date: February 24, 2016