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Franklin Graham on Muhammad Ali’s Death: ‘Islam’s Muhammad Can’t Save You’

Franklin Graham on Muhammad Ali’s Death: ‘Islam’s Muhammad Can’t Save You’

After boxing legend Muhammad Ali’s death on June 3, the Rev. Franklin Graham reminisced about the time Ali met Graham’s father, famous evangelist Billy Graham.

The Christian Post reports that Ali and Graham met in 1979 in North Carolina and again in 2001 in Ali’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.  

After their first meeting, Ali, who had converted to Islam, stated, "I've always admired Mr. Graham, I'm a Muslim and he's a Christian, but there is so much truth in the message he gives, Americanism, repentance, things about government and country — and truth. I always said if I was a Christian, I'd want to be a Christian like him."

Franklin Graham wrote in a Facebook post that he hopes Ali gave his life to Christ before passing away.

"My father always hoped Ali would give his life to Christ. I've wondered if he put his faith and trust in Christ before he slipped into eternity. I sure hope so.”

Graham added that Jesus is the only way to heaven, and Islam is a false religion: 

“Islam's Muhammad can't save you, only Jesus Christ can save."

Ali passed away following a bout of respiratory illness. His family said his heart kept beating 30 minutes after his other organs had stopped working, which, they said, was a testament to his strong spirit.

Ali had a huge influence not only on the world of boxing, but on civil rights and culture.

Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

Publication date: June 10, 2016