Franklin Graham Praises Tim Tebow's Faith

Franklin Graham Praises Tim Tebow's Faith

Christian NFL player and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Tim Tebow is being praised for his commitment to his faith, and he is also living it out, both on and off the football field.

Evangelist minister Franklin Graham recently gave his hearty approval of Tebow, stating that Tebow is “a true leader both on and off the field,” according to Breaking Christian News.

Graham said he doesn’t follow a specific team, but he does follow his favorite players, one of whom is Tebow. 

Graham commented that Tebow is a great athlete, but went on to say that above all, he admires Tebow’s commitment to his faith and is praying that God would continue to bless him: "Most importantly, Tim lives out his Christian faith at every turn." 

One of the ways in which Tebow is living out his faith is by starting the Tebow Cure Hospital (TCH) in the Philippines which specializes in paediatric orthopaedic surgical care.

TCH opened its doors in December of 2014 and just recently treated its 100th patient, a four-year-old boy named Ithan. 

According to Christian Today, TCH’s website proclaims that "One hundred surgeries is a major accomplishment for TCH and a true testament to the faithfulness of our Lord. But, the number is not the focus, rather the 100 stories of healing and renewed lives behind each and every surgery.”

One such story is Ithan’s. Ithan has never been able to walk due to extremely tight and short tendons in his legs. His recent surgery at THC elongated the tendons in his legs so that Ithan will be able to stand upright. He is currently undergoing physical therapy, but doctors say he should be walking in no time.

According to The Gospel Herald, there are reports that Tebow will play a lot in the coming football season. 

Publication date: August 5, 2015