Franklin Graham Speaks Out against Transgender Restrooms

Franklin Graham Speaks Out against Transgender Restrooms

A Charlotte City Council is considering a city ordinance that would allow biological males to use women’s public restrooms. Under the new city law, if passed, restrooms in both public and private businesses in the city would have to adhere to the transgendered ordinance.

"I cannot see why City Council would even consider this," Franklin Graham, president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association wrote on his Facebook page. "It is not only ridiculous, it's unsafe.

"Common sense tells us that this would open the door, literally, to all sorts of serious concerns including giving sexual predators access to children. It violates every sense of privacy and decency for people of both sexes, adults and children."

Charisma News reports David Benham, co-host of the now-cancelled Benham Brothers HGTV show, is encouraging Christians in North Carolina to oppose the proposed law.

"What's going to end up happening, with the result of the language (of the ordinance) is our religious liberties are going to come under attack," said Benham, whose show was cancelled reportedly because of his religious beliefs.

“Not only do Christians need to stand up for what's right, but America needs to protect our children and our children's children."

Said Graham: "I join David Benham and others in opposing this ordinance and encourage area Christians to take a stand by attending the March 2 peaceful protest outside city council's chambers the day of the vote at 4:00 PM, he said.

"I also urge Charlotte Christians to voice their strong disapproval by contacting the mayor and city council members in advance, and I ask the Charlotte City Council to vote wisely against this proposed ordinance.”

Publication date: February 20, 2015