GOP Argues over LGBT Issues before Convention

GOP Argues over LGBT Issues before Convention

The Republican party talked over many issues during their recent Platform Committee meetings, but LGBT issues dominated the conversation. reports that the GOP seemed to be split on what view to take regarding LGBT rights. Some argued that continuing to adhere to a traditional view of marriage was going to hurt the party, especially with young people, but others asserted that the GOP must maintain its core values.

Ultimately, the proposed measures in favor of amending the party’s traditional views regarding LGBT rights failed to pass.

Although the pro-LGBT measures failed to get the approval of enough delegates, a large number of delegates did support the changes, which encouraged delegates like Rachel Hoff from D.C. who revealed that she was gay.

Another pro-LGBT delegate, Annie Dickerson, stated, "This is going in only one direction, so that the platform committee of the GOP hasn't caught up with it yet is unfortunate. I think in 20 years we'll look at this as an unfortunate blot in the history of the Republican Party that there wasn't an embrace for our brothers and sisters."

Those who disagreed with the proposed measures said that the pro-LGBT delegates were trying to push an agenda.

"I really don't appreciate the lady from New York implying the rest of us are bigots because we don't agree with their view," said 22-year-old Virginia delegate Tommy Valentine, referring to Dickerson.

The Platform Committee meetings are a precursor to the Republican National Convention which begins on Monday, July 18.

Publication date: July 13, 2016