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Halfway through Abortion Woman Changes Her Mind and Baby Miraculously Survives

Halfway through Abortion Woman Changes Her Mind and Baby Miraculously Survives

A young woman who began undergoing an abortion changed her mind halfway through and decided to save her baby. reports on this amazing story. Karen Raya, who is only 19, felt overwhelmed when she learned that she was pregnant with her second child. She was currently fighting with the baby’s father, attending school, working, and raising her daughter. She decided another child was too much to handle, so she acquired abortion-inducing pills.

Two pills are required to complete the abortion. Raya took the first pill, but regretted her decision. She began researching how to reverse the process and stumbled upon an a pregnancy help hotline where she found information on how to reverse the abortion.

Miraculously, after undergoing the abortion reversal treatment, Raya’s baby is still alive and well. She is now in her second trimester.

“Hearing the first heartbeat gave me a sense of hope, that this program will help and I will become the statistic that helps it grow,” said the young California mother.

Dr. George Delgado, who helped develop the abortion reversal treatment and set up the Abortion Pill Reversal hotline, expressed his happiness at the success the program has already experienced. The 300th baby whose life was saved through the abortion reversal pill will soon be born.

Using pills to induce an abortion is a two-step process. The first pill blocks the hormone progesterone, which makes a woman’s uterus unsustainable for a pregnancy. The second pill causes contractions to occur which will expel the baby.

Amazingly, Raya’s baby survived even after she took the first pill, and with the abortion reversal treatment, her baby is on its way to a being born a healthy infant.


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Publication date: August 22, 2017