Harvard Researcher Admits ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ Likely Fake

Harvard Researcher Admits ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ Likely Fake

The Harvard researcher who has been studying the alleged “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” now admits that it is likely a forgery.

The Christian Examiner reports that Ariel Sabar conducted detailed research into the text fragment that purports to be the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife,” (with Mary Magdalene as the “wife”), and determined that it was illegitimate. Sabar’s findings were published in The Atlantic.

Karen L. King, the Harvard professor who has been researching the fragment and specializes in women’s studies in ancient times, reluctantly conceded that Sabar’s conclusions are likely correct.

"It tips the balance towards forgery," King says, referring to Sabar’s research.

Sabar discovered that Walter Fritz, the man who made the manuscript available to King, was not the well-rounded, affluent man he claimed to be.

Instead, Sabar found that Fritz owned an erotic art company and had worked as a pornographer. 

"I had no idea about this guy, obviously," King told The Atlantic. "He lied to me."

Although King said she had hoped the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” was legitimate because it would validate her research, she admits that this now seems unlikely.

Publication date: June 17, 2016