Hawaii Will Not Defend Former Marriage Law

Hawaii Will Not Defend Former Marriage Law

Hawaii has announced that it will no longer defend a lawsuit from 2011 regarding the former law in the state that defined marriage as between a man and woman.

Marriage between same-sex couples was legalized Dec. 2, 2013, but the lawsuit brought on by a homosexual couple calling the old law unconstitutional persisted reports Charisma News.

Attorney General David M. Louie and health director Dr. Linda Rosen supported Hawaii’s decision to cease lawsuit defense. Rosen reported 1,400 homosexual couples have received marriage licenses since the law was changed.

Former director of health Loretta Fuddy had supported the law defining marriage traditionally while Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie believed it unconstitutional.

Hawaii now joins 16 other states and the District of Columbia that permit gay couples to marry.

“The law, policy and public sentiment in Hawaii has clearly and dramatically changed in favor of marriage equality,” Louie said.

Publication date: May 7, 2014