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Hillsong Takes Over Times Square with Jesus Message

Hillsong Takes Over Times Square with Jesus Message

Last month, instead of news reports, ads or market results, the digital screens in New York City’s Times Square were taken over by the wordsJesus” and “No Other Name.”

The videos were part of a promotion from Hillsong about their upcoming album and the church’s 2014 conference. The event kicked off on April 24 on 21 of the digital screens in Times Square.

"Times Square — one of the most iconic locations on earth — is a place where so many names scream for fame," said Jay Argaet, Hillsong’s art and communications director. "The most powerful brands, biggest shows and famous celebrities ... every name wants to be the greatest! Perhaps this would be the most powerful way to remind the world his name trumps them all."

About 400 Hillsong volunteers helped with the Times Square promotion.

"It was shocking-in a good way-to see the name of Jesus proclaimed so brightly in the center of the world's largest, most chaotic city," NYC resident Julie McCoughy told the Gospel Herald. "It's an encouraging reminder for Christians and a great witness for unbelievers."

Hillsong’s annual conference is slated for Sydney, London and New York City. The church’s album is set to release July 1.

Times Square sees an average of 360,000 pedestrians daily.


Publication date: May 7, 2014