Hundreds of Ministers Enroll in Firearm Expert's Free Gun-training Course

Hundreds of Ministers Enroll in Firearm Expert's Free Gun-training Course

A firearms expert has been hosting free self-defense courses for ministers and their congregations to address the increase in violence directed toward churches.

The Christian Post reports that Geof Peabody of Placerville, California has been experiencing increasing demand for his church security course as shootings in churches have become more frequent.

Peabody first held a church security training course at a local Seventh-Day Adventist Church about eight years ago. Now, members of churches all over the area seek to take Peabody’s course.

“It just kind of kept going from there. The first one we did this year we had 55 ministers sign up for it. It's pretty epic," stated Peabody.

In an interview with the Christian Post, Peabody shared that about 500 ministers have taken his course, which includes instruction in a classroom setting as well as training at a gun range.

“I’ve had so many calls from so many churches,” said Peabody. “Even a synagogue,” he added.

Rev. Debra Sabino of The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour in Placerville said she used to be opposed to owning a gun, but a stalking incident at her church changed her mind.

"I believe that lethal force may be necessary in certain cases to protect lives we are entrusted to protect,” said Sabino. “That lethal force might be in the form of a trained dog, or it might be a gun.”

When questioned on the Biblical basis for his course, Peabody points to Luke 22:36-38 where Jesus tells his disciples to sell their cloak and buy a sword.

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Publication date: December 17, 2015