Husband and Wife Who Converted to Christianity Shot by Muslim Family Members

Husband and Wife Who Converted to Christianity Shot by Muslim Family Members

A Pakistani man and his wife who converted to Christianity were severely persecuted and shot by family members.

The couple, Aleem and Nadia Masih, had gotten married about a year ago after Nadia converted to Christianity from Islam.

Nadia’s Muslim family continually threatened the couple so that they fled Lahore, Pakistan and began traveling to a town called Narang Mandi, about 37 miles from Lahore, according to the Christian Post.

Nadia’s father and brothers pursued the couple as they traveled to Narang Mandi, overtaking them on the road.

Nadia’s family was so enraged that she had married a Christian and recanted her Muslim faith that they kidnapped the couple and took them to a farm where they brutally beat and kicked them before shooting them.

Aleem was shot three times, once in the ankle, the ribs, and the face. Nadia was shot in the abdomen.

Nadia’s father and brothers left the farm, believing they had killed both Aleem and Nadia and avenged their shame due to the couples’ conversion to Christianity.

Nadia, however, was not dead. 

Nadia’s brother, Azhar, presented himself to the police, admitting to having killed his sister and her husband. When the police went to the farm to investigate they found Nadia still alive.

Nadia has been taken to a hospital where she is battling for her life.

Honor violence is widespread among Muslims whose family members convert to Christianity, as killing a Christian is seen as killing an “infidel,” which will secure a Muslim’s place in paradise and avenge the shame of having an infidel in the family.

Nadia’s father and brothers have not been arrested, although the Masih family has filed an official police report on the violence. 

Publication date: August 28, 2015