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In Aftermath of SC School Shooting, Family of Slain Boy Thanks Supporters for Prayers

In Aftermath of SC School Shooting, Family of Slain Boy Thanks Supporters for Prayers

The family of the six-year-old boy who was shot at a South Carolina elementary school and later died from his injuries say they know he is in heaven and they are thankful for supporters' prayers.

ChristianToday.com reports that six-year-old Jacob Hall was one of the victims shot by 14-year-old Jesse Osborne who also shot and killed his own father before firing shots at Townville Elementary School last Wednesday.

As ChristianHeadlines.com previously reported, Osborne injured two students and a teacher in the shooting.

The other six-year-old student and the female teacher were treated for their injuries and released the same day.

Jacob, however, was shot in the femoral artery in his leg which caused excessive blood loss, triggering a cardiopulmonary arrest. Jacob passed away from his injuries on Saturday.

"Jacob came into our lives six years and four months ago and changed it completely. He showed us how to love, laugh and smile even on days we did not want to. God gave him to us and he was taken away from us by a senseless act," said his family.

Jacob’s doctor, Keith Webb of GHS Children’s Hospital, described him as a “tremendous fighter” and added, "We grieve for the loss of this little boy and pray for his family as they work through this extraordinarily difficult time.”

Although grieving deeply, Jacob’s family remains confident that he is now with the Lord in heaven.

"We know that Jacob has already forgiven this child for what he did to him and his family because that's the kind of child he was," they said. "Jacob was sent to this earth for this short period of time to show us that there is such a thing as pure love. Jacob is in heaven with God now and everyone who loves him. Words cannot express how much we will miss him."

Jesse Osborne has been charged as a juvenile with one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder.


Publication date: October 4, 2016