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In First Social Media Post in 4 Years, Saeed Abedini Asks for Prayer for His Marriage

In First Social Media Post in 4 Years, Saeed Abedini Asks for Prayer for His Marriage

Pastor Saeed Abedini has posted to Facebook for the first time in four years, asking for prayer from his supporters for his marriage.

Christian Today reports that Saeed was released from an Iranian prison four years into his eight-year sentence, as part of a prisoner swap the U.S. negotiated with Iran.

Saeed’s wife, Naghmeh, fasted, prayed, and worked for her husband’s release, but also revealed that she and Saeed have marital issues. In an email to her supporters before Saeed was released, Naghmeh revealed that Saeed had abused her physically, emotionally, and psychologically, and that he had an addiction to pornography.

Soon after Saeed returned to the U.S., Naghmeh filed for a legal separation stating that “In very difficult situations sometimes you have to establish boundaries while you work toward healing.”

“Three months ago Saeed told me things he demanded I must do to promote him in the eyes of the public that I simply could not do any longer," she continued. "He threatened that if I did not do the results would be the end of our marriage and the resulting pain this would bring to our children."

Saeed, however, maintains that the couple’s marriage can be saved.

“I am grateful for marriage counsellors who have been helping me but my wife's relationship with me is not good at this point, so we need prayer that she joins this counselling process with us," he posted to Facebook.

He also thanked his supporters for all the prayer and encouragement they had given while he was imprisoned. 

Publication date: February 17, 2016