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Inmates at Maximum-Security Prison Gather to Worship God Together

Inmates at Maximum-Security Prison Gather to Worship God Together

A Christian ministry, God Behind Bars, recently shared a video showing inmates inside a maximum-security prison worshiping and praising God.

“Some of you guys in this room — this is one of the only moments that you just have your time with the Lord,” a speaker is seen telling 150 inmates who gathered inside a prison chapel, CBN News reports. “It might always be chaos or noise … so I just want to take a moment and allow you guys … to just spend some time with Jesus, reflect, begin to think of things that you’re grateful for.”

God Behind Bars says that the song “Gratitude” by Brandon Lake was played.

“These incarcerated men began to cheer and clap as they sing ‘So come on, my soul … lift up your song, ‘Cause you’ve got a lion inside of those lungs, Get up and praise, the Lord.'”

Previously, God Behind Bars has shared many moments and videos of inmates praising God.

Earlier in June, the ministry reported that 130 prisoners were baptized at a federal prison, including 90 women.

"It was such a holy moment. God is changing the lives of these women. Addictions are breaking, forgiveness is reigning, and Jesus is winning," the ministry shared on Instagram.

God Behind Bars has also released the PandoApp, a faith-based app that gives inmates access to worship music and sermons on an approved tablet.

"We create satellite campuses in prisons and our whole mission is to introduce inmates to Jesus," Isaac Holt, Director of Innovation for God Behind Bars, told CBN News.

An inmate told CBN in June that he tries to sing worship songs when he is feeling lonely. He has been incarcerated for 25 years.

"In prison, it's very easy to be a bitter, cold person," one inmate recently shared. "But because of my relationship in Jesus Christ and because of who I've become while being in prison, I've learned [to be] a joyful person. Having a life sentence plus 30 (years), and people not understanding where this joy is coming from or not understanding how you can maintain a smile while going through adverse moments...and I know that it only came from God."


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