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Introducing Nine Pro-Life Candidates Across America Who Won Tuesday

Introducing Nine Pro-Life Candidates Across America Who Won Tuesday

Clearly the conservative “wave” election this week favored one party over another. Yet on policy issues, is there a unifying thread among newly-elected leaders at the federal and state level?

Listening in to the winning candidates and their stories, a strong commitment to one cause stands out: protecting life. Young, vibrant and diverse, these leaders express a resolve to act on their convictions when they take office come January. 

9. Mia Love, Pro-Life Mother of Three and Rising Star in Congress

From People Magazine to BuzzFeed to Roll Call, national media cannot stop talking about Mia Love this week. Yet she and her husband Jason seem more concerned with raising their three children than basking in the spotlight.

“My children have dreams and all they want to do is fulfill those dreams,” she says in one of her highly-watched campaign ads. “Washington needs a little bit more of that.” 

Endorsed by pro-life advocacy groups, Love has spoken out often against taxpayer funding of abortion. “The role that government plays is to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” she said in a Fox News interview. “We should be protecting life.”

8. Sam Brownback, Pro-Life Champion Wins Second Term as Governor of Kansas

As a Congressman, Senator and most recently Governor, Sam Brownback has been at the forefront of protecting defenseless pre-born lives for nearly two decades.

He signed into law 13 pro-life measures during his first term as Kansas Governor, including one that established the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center — an innovative medical center using only adult stem cells in its clinical research studies, rather than embryonic stem cells which involve ending potential pre-born lives. The center has already seen medical breakthroughs in its first year. 

7. Mimi Walters, Standing for Life on the West Coast

While being a pro-life conservative in California politics is no easy task, Mimi Walters has been up to it since 1998. She’s served as City Councilwoman, Mayor, State Representative, State Senator… and now U.S. House Member for California’s 45th Congressional District. 

Founder of the California Women’s Leadership Association, her business background brings added weight to her strong pro-life stance

6. Greg Abbott, Texas Governor Reveals His Strength Against Pro-Choice Opposition

In Summer 2013, the “pro-life law of the century” was hotly debated in the Texas State Legislature. Greg Abbott, Attorney General under Governor Rick Perry, led the legal fight to ensure its enactment following the bill’s passage by a large bipartisan majority.  

During that contentious time, when pro-choice advocates protested without civility, Abbott impressed the Houston Chronicle with his winsome answers on abortion policy: “Two sides try to fight each other, but in reality, our goal — our real goal — is to express a greater sense of love and inclusion and support for all life.”

Supporters poured over $36 million into the candidacy of Abbott’s opponent Wendy Davis. Following Abbott’s win by a 20-point margin, even the Texas Observer admitted: standing for abortion is “a difficult issue for Democrats in Texas.”

5. Saira Blair, America’s Youngest Elected Official Campaigned from Her Dorm Room

A college freshman running for statewide office caught the attention of national media even before she won. But what’s striking about Saira Blair is the depth of her conviction. Without the market-testing and consultants of larger campaigns, her pro-life statement of principles rings true.

“I believe that life begins at conception, so I consider abortion the act of taking human life,” she states. “We should not spend our tax dollars to fund such procedures. I’ve been blessed with life and I believe every child should have that same opportunity.” 

Blairs plans to take a hiatus from her studies at West Virginia University next semester, to be present for the West Virginia House of Delegates’ 60-day legislative term.

4. Steve Daines, From Big Sky Country to Big Ideas on Protecting Life

After a successful business career involving international trade and two years in the U.S. House, Steve Daines has shown strong leadership on life — as revealed in a post on his pro-life views.

While his opponent was endorsed by a prominent pro-abortion advocacy group, Daines co-sponsored the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act which is designed to protect pre-born children capable of feeling pain in the womb. 

3. Elise Stefanik, The Youngest Member of Congress Ever Elected 

It’s a win few thought possible: a 30 year-old, pro-life conservative representing liberal New York in Congress. With her small business experience, track record in crafting public policy, and endorsement from Susan B. Anthony List, Elise Stefanik has turned heads coast-to-coast by winning on principle.

In a spring debate against her Republican challenger, she made a point of calling herself “the only pro-life candidate” in the race; her opponent said he was pro-choice, but “would have a pro-life voting record in Congress.” New Yorkers, it seems, do not respond well to double-speak. 

2. Ben Sasse, Nebraska’s New Senator Who Has Prayed in Front of Abortion Centers

As a boy, he worked in Nebraska cornfields — and, with his mother, prayed for the ending of abortion in front of their local abortion center. Now Ben Sasse has been elected as Nebraska’s next U.S. Senator

He and his wife Melissa home-school their three children, just a few miles from the town where he grew up. 

1. Mary Fallin, Pro-Life Governor Leading in Public and Behind-the-Scenes 

Governor Mary Fallin has served Oklahomans for over two decades — first as a member of the state House, then moving on to larger roles.

In her first term as Governor, Fallin signed into law three significant pro-life bills that benefit the citizens of Oklahoma. As co-chair of the National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus, she offers her executive experience and Midwest wisdom in this volunteer role that helps connect the pro-life movement nationally.

 Josh M. Shepherd serves as Communications Manager at Bound4LIFE.

Originally posted at Bound4Life. Reprinted with permission.

Publication date: November 7, 2014