Irish Filmmakers Become Pro-life after Filming Abortion Documentary

Irish Filmmakers Become Pro-life after Filming Abortion Documentary

Two Irish filmmakers have changed their views about abortion after filming a documentary on the controversial practices of an abortion doctor.

The Christian Institute reports that husband and wife team Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney held a “fairly disinterested” stance on abortion prior to filming the documentary, viewing it as an “unfortunate but probably necessary part of modern life.”

After making the film about abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, however, the couple changed their views.

Gosnell was indicted and found guilty of murdering babies at his clinic in Philadelphia. Writing in The Irish Times, McAleer and McElhinney said that during Gosnell’s trial the court heard shocking testimonies from abortionists who described the grisly details of abortion procedures.

One doctor described how tools were used to pull body parts out in early abortions and said that in later abortions, poison is injected straight into the baby’s heart while it is yet inside the womb.

In addition, the court heard testimony stating that if a baby was accidentally born alive it was left to die; a process one abortionist termed “comfort care.”

McAleer and McElhinney said that “the trial changed many minds and shook assumptions,” not least of all their own.

“[O]ur experience of the Gosnell case is that anyone who has learned more about the reality of abortion – the pulling apart of the foetus, the injecting of poison into the heart, the ‘comfort care’ – has come away with only negative feelings about the procedure.”

The couple cautioned Ireland, which is considering legalizing abortion, to be “careful what they wish for.”

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Publication date: November 23, 2015