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Is Christianity Dying Out in Europe? One Orthodox Leader Says ‘Yes!’

Is Christianity Dying Out in Europe? One Orthodox Leader Says ‘Yes!’

Metropolitan Hilarion, the Moscow Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, has warned that Christianity is dying out in Europe and being replaced with secular ideology.

Speaking at a conference in London, the patriarch stated,  “[The] monopoly of the secular idea has affirmed itself in contemporary Europe. Its manifestation is the discrimination of religious vision in the social sphere. Other peoples will live in Europe in the future, with other faiths, other cultures, and other paradigms of values​​.”

He went on to say that secularism and liberal thinking is dominating the culture and have been exacerbated by the changing “ethical and religious landscape of Europe,” the immigration crisis, and “military conflict and economic problems in the Middle East.”

In response to this sweep of secularism and conflict, Hilarion called for churches to rally together.

“In the current conditions of oppression by power groups that propose ideas incompatible with the traditional views of Christian morality, it is indispensable to unite Church efforts to counter these processes, to act together in the field of information and legal support, and in the propagation of common Christian values ​​at all levels.

Christians in Europe must strive to defend their values ​​on which the continent has been built for centuries, and listen to the lamentations and sufferings of Christians from all over the globe,” he continued.


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Publication date: September 26, 2017