Is the Upcoming July Blood Moon a Sign of the End Times?

Is the Upcoming July Blood Moon a Sign of the End Times?

The past couple years have bought some spectacular astronomical sights which will continue in 2018 with a blood moon which is set to grace the skies of the Eastern Hemisphere on the night of July 27.

According to Independent UK, a blood moon is defined as:

“A blood moon is the definition used when the moon appears bright, large and reddish in colour, and it only occurs when there is a full moon.
The blood moon is the result of a total lunar eclipse, which is when the moon passes directly behind earth and into its shadow.”

The upcoming blood moon is not only of interest to astronomers and star-gazers, however. It has also drawn the attention of end times speculators and pastors.

Christian John Hagee and Mark Blitz explained that this blood moon is part of a series of unique astronomical events which signal what the Bible predicts in Acts 2:20 and Revelation 6:12.

According to Mirror UK, Hagee and Blitz particularly point to what they call the “tetrad”--four consecutive lunar eclipses which began in April 2014 with six full moons in between.

Whether you believe an event like a blood moon has prophetic significance, or is simply part of the way God created the heavenly bodies, it is most certainly an opportunity to marvel at the wonder of Creation. 


Photo courtesy: ©Thinkstock/Cochise Vista

Publication date: June 26, 2018