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ISIS Awards Sex Slaves to Men Who Memorize Quran

ISIS Awards Sex Slaves to Men Who Memorize Quran

ISIS militants are reportedly holding a Quran memorization contest to celebrate the Islamic festival of Ramadan. According to advertisements for the contest, the top three winners will be awarded with a female sex slave. 

Men who place in fourth through tenth place of the contest will be given a cash prize. 

The Christian Post reports the contest began Sunday (June 21) and will conclude June 27. It is being held in mosques within the terrorist group’s Syrian caliphate.

A Clarion Project report said that Quran memorization contests are not an uncommon way to celebrate the Muslim holiday. 

"Ramadan is a time of year where Muslims are meant to rejuvenate their faith. Memorizing the Quran is considered a pious and worthy thing to do and many memorization competitions are held around the world, especially during Ramadan, the report said. 

However, ISIS’ version of the contest is deplorable, not only for its “prizes,” but also for the Quran passages it selected. ISIS picked out the most “warlike passages of the entire Quran,” according to the Clarion Project. 

Publication date: June 25, 2015