ISIS Conducting "Christian Holocaust" While World Remains Indifferent

ISIS Conducting "Christian Holocaust" While World Remains Indifferent

While America is largely concerned with domestic issues, such as the 2016 election, the economy, and healthcare, Christian Post guest writer Johnnie Moore alerts us to the atrocities ISIS is propagating in the Middle East.

Moore reports that ISIS militants recently captured yet another Assyrian city, largely filled with Christians. 

It is feared that the fate of these Christians (and other minorities like the Yazidi) will be much the same as in past ISIS takeovers. Moore asserts that all encounters ISIS militants have with Christians and other minorities result in forced conversion, sexual slavery, extortion, or brutal murder.

Indeed, it is difficult to forget the shocking videos of the 21 murdered Egyptian Christians or the 30 Ethiopians, brutally executed in Libya, or just as horrific, the recently confirmed existence of an ISIS pricing list for women sold into sexual slavery.

Moore warns that ISIS’s goal has always been to "break their [Christian] crosses and trade and sell their women," in the words of “emir” of the “Caliphate.”

In light of this, Moore issues a wake-up call to the politicians of America and the world: “This recent kidnapping is a stark reminder that the rhetoric of this presidential season [affects] real lives — and innocent children — at a time when the world's most ancient Christian communities face a legitimate threat of extinction at the hands of terrorists who've been allowed to run wild across our world.”

Politicians must recognize the gravity of the situation and use their power to address it, while we must ask ourselves the sobering question of what we will tell our children when they ask us what we did to stop this Christian holocaust.

Publication date: August 11, 2015