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ISIS Releases 19 Christians, Hundreds Remain Captive

ISIS Releases 19 Christians, Hundreds Remain Captive

News broke last week that terror group ISIS had kidnapped about 220 Assyrian Christians from villages in Syria. Reports now say that the terrorists have released 19 hostages, leaving about 200 men, women and children in captivity. 

Christian Today reports that 17 men and two women were released Sunday after they went through a sharia court. 

Head of Assyrian Human Rights Network Osama Edward said that the sharia judge asked the Christians if they were part of a militia before releasing them. They were tired but had been “treated well” and had not endured any torture. 

All 19 captives were able to travel home safely. 

CNN reports that experts were not surprised ISIS released the captives after they passed through sharia court. 

Writer Graeme Wood said, "ISIS has claimed for a long time to follow rules, and it claims that these Sharia courts will impose limits. They can attempt to get credibility by showing that they follow rules and that they have some kind of transparent process that follows their particular implementation of Sharia law."

Publication date: March 2, 2015