ISIS Spy Encounters Jesus, Becomes a Christian

ISIS Spy Encounters Jesus, Becomes a Christian

A former ISIS militant and spy has encountered Jesus through the love of Christians and has converted to Christianity.

According to, the miraculous conversion took place in Turkey after the ISIS spy, identified only as “Mohammed,” was sent there on a mission by his commanders.

Ghassan Thomas, former pastor of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, was also in Turkey at this time. Thomas had fled Baghdad with his family after Islamic extremists threatened his family with death.

Thomas joined other refugees in Turkey where he quickly started a church to serve his fellow refugees.

Mohammad met Thomas when he was sent by his ISIS commander to spy on Thomas’s church.

Mohammad said he came to Turkey having committed brutal acts of violence for the Islamic State. He had executed those who refused to convert to Islam and believed that Allah required him to kill all infidels.

"In that time, I think in this way: I should kill. I should do many bloody things just to be close with my Allah," Mohammed told CBS News.

However, once he began observing Pastor Thomas and his church, he began to have a change of heart.

"I saw the people, how they welcomed me and they don't know me," he marvelled. "And I hate those people and they show me love."

When members of Pastor Thomas’ church prayed for Mohammad, the Holy Spirit opened his heart.

"When they pray for me, I start to cry like a child. And I feel like something come out of my body – very heavy," he said. "When I finished the service, I went home, but there is a person walk[ing] with me, just talking, but I feel like I'm not on the earth. I said, 'am I flying? I don't feel like I'm walking. Like someone carry me.'"

 Mohammad converted to Christianity and now reads the Bible.

“I went there and discovered this is the God I'm trying to find,” he said. “This is the true God. This is what I want for my life.”

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Publication date: June 24, 2016