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Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Says More Fighting with Hamas May Be on the Horizon

  • Amanda Casanova Contributor
  • Published Jun 22, 2021
Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Says More Fighting with Hamas May Be on the Horizon

The Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff told military officials in a meeting on Thursday that more fighting with Hamas may be on the horizon.

The update comes as Israel launched airstrikes on the Gaza Strip late Thursday after activists in Gaza launched incendiary balloons into Israel for the third day in a row, despite a ceasefire agreement from last month.

There have been no reports of injuries or deaths.

According to the Associated Press, Israel says the airstrikes are targeting Hamas facilities. The country also said forces were preparing for a "variety of scenarios including a resumption of hostilities."

"The Hamas terror organization is responsible for all events transpiring in the Gaza Strip, and will bear the consequences for its actions," the military said in a statement. "The IDF is prepared for any scenario, including a resumption of hostilities, in the face of continuing terror activities from the Gaza Strip."

New Prime Minister in Israel, Naftali Bennett, said in an interview he is planning on approaching balloon attacks with the same seriousness as if they were rocket fire.

Israel and the terrorist group Hamas have engaged in fighting since the Islamic militant group took power from Palestinian forces in 2007. In response, Israel and Egypt imposed a blockade on Gaza.

Israeli police have used stun grenades and water cannons filled with skunk water to disperse Palestinian protestors at the Damascus Gate in East Jerusalem. Palestinians, meanwhile, have been seen throwing rocks and other items at ultra-Orthodox Jews in the area.

This week, a Palestinian teenager was shot to death by Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank. The teenager was part of a protest and is the fourth demonstrator to be killed since last month.

According to the Israeli military, a soldier saw the group of protestors approaching and saw one throw an object toward him that exploded nearby. He then fired.


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