Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Is Expected to Finalize a Unity Government Agreement

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Is Expected to Finalize a Unity Government Agreement

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to finalize a unity government agreement with political rival Benny Gantz.

According to CBN News, if Netanyahu is able to form the government, the country will not be forced into a fourth election.

In Israel, the prime minister needs to earn the endorsement of 72 members of the country’s 120-seat parliament and form a unity government.

Netanyahu and Gantz announced in April that they would work together to form an emergency government that would get Israel through the coronavirus pandemic.

Under their agreement, Netanyahu will serve as prime minster for 18 months and then Gantz will take on the role for 18 months. Both are expected to swear in the new administration next week.

Since April 2019, Netanyahu and Gantz have been unable to secure a unity government and forced the country into emergency elections.

Gantz had previously said he would not partner with Netanyahu, who is facing indictment charges. However, Gantz agreed to the deal because of the potential economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, Reuters reports.

In Israel, about 16,300 people have been infected and 239 have died from the virus, according to The Guardian.

Netanyahu, 70, is facing an indictment of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. He has said that the charges are false. His trial is expected to start on May 24.

This month, an Israeli court decided that Netanyahu can legally form a government while under criminal indictment.

Opponents of Netanyahu were hoping judges would decide that Netanyahu could not serve as prime minister while facing charges.

“The legal conclusion we reached does not diminish the severity of the pending charges against MK Netanyahu for violations of moral integrity and the difficulty derived from the tenure of a prime minister accused of criminal activity,” the panel said in its decision.


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