'It Left Deep Scars': Men Share How Abortion Affects Them

'It Left Deep Scars': Men Share How Abortion Affects Them

We often hear about the emotional trauma and scars that women feel after undergoing an abortion, but the feelings of the would-be fathers of aborted babies are not often discussed.

In an article at the Daily Mail, several men from the UK share what it is like knowing that their child was aborted.

One such man is Tony Perry. Perry now has two young children whom he cherishes, but he lives with a nagging regret that he could have been the father to three children. Perry says while he was in his 20’s his then girlfriend became pregnant and said she was getting an abortion. Although Perry supported her decision, he wasn’t fully on board with the idea.

“It left deep scars,” he shares. “There’s always a shadow in the background. The other way to put it is that it’s like wearing a backpack — most days, you’re simply aware it’s there, but on others, it feels like an extra weight pulling you down.”

Although the issue of abortion is understandably focused on women, men feel its consequences too. Margaret Cuthill, the former national coordinator for the Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline, says that 10 percent of the calls the organization receives are from men.

“This is particularly evident as men reach their mid-40s and look back on their lives, questioning what they did or didn’t do, especially if they never had children," says Cuthill. “If their only child was aborted, it can be heart-breaking.”

Several other men shared similar stories to Perry’s, which you can read here.

It has been said that abortion has two victims--the child and the mother, but perhaps these testimonies reveal that there are actually three.


Photo courtesy: ©Thinkstock/Marjan_Apostolovic

Publication date: August 1, 2017