James MacDonald Faces Criticism after Calling Journalist Julie Roys a Liar and 'Apostate'

James MacDonald Faces Criticism after Calling Journalist Julie Roys a Liar and 'Apostate'

Former megachurch pastor James MacDonald is facing criticism for calling journalist Julie Roys a liar and "apostate."

MacDonald was fired from his job at the Harvest Bible Chapel in February 2019. He has been accused of financial mismanagement, bullying and death threats.

This week, MacDonald tweeted that Roys was a “cancer on the body of Christ.”

“So grateful to be healthy and happy in the Lord to where I can finally wade into the filth from JuLIE Roys,” he tweeted. “Gosh, she is just filthy with gossip as fact and at very best half the story.”

MacDonald says Roys was biased in her reporting on him, ChurchLeaders reports. He also said she is not a Christian and works for “the father of lies.”

“Does JuLiar even know that intentionally telling only half the story violates basic journalistic standards and forfeits 1st amendment journalistic privilege to protect sources? The U.S. Constitution does not protect journalistic liars.”

He says Roys did not report that MacDonald took steps to apologize for some of his past actions.

“JuLiar deceptively leaves out the fact that in September 2014, I read a statement to our entire church on all campuses in every service, expressing our repentance,” he said in the post.

Meanwhile, Roys says she did report on those updates, and many are criticizing MacDonald’s words on Twitter.

“I don’t understand what’s happened to you, but it’s been very sad to watch,” one Twitter user writes. “You have to stop this madness.”

Another said in a tweet, “I don’t presume to know you, but your social media presence indicates you are unwell.”

Previously, MacDonald sued Harvest Bible Chapel and the attorney and accountants the church hired to review the church’s finances. MacDonald called the investigation and its results a “smear campaign” against him.

In another bizarre twist, Illinois police investigated a claim that MacDonald tried to have someone commit murder for him.

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