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Jerry Falwell, Jr. Compares Trump to King David

Jerry Falwell, Jr. Compares Trump to King David

Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. has compared Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to Israel’s King David.

The Christian Post reports that Falwell made the comparison while being interviewed for an article published in the student-run Liberty Champion.

In the interview, Falwell explains that he became friends with Trump in 2012 after the first time Trump spoke at Liberty. He added that he and his family joined Trump on the campaign trail during the Iowa caucuses.

Falwell said Trump showed them around and served them while they were with him. 

"He offered us food, … so he brought out Wendy's cheeseburgers. He ate cheeseburgers, and we ate cheeseburgers. Then he put on a concert. He found out that when I grew up in the 70s, I was an Elton John fan. So, he put the concert on the big screen. He was doing it all himself. He was the one serving the food. He was the one waiting on us. I thought it would be like caviar and something fancy, but it was cheeseburgers — Wendy's cheeseburgers."

"I really believe that what you are seeing happening this week is the establishment is having a seizure,” Falwell continued. “They're going ballistic because they are scared to death that they're going to lose power," he asserted. "They're scared to death of Trump because he's the kind of guy that will walk into Washington, kick over the tables, kick over the chairs, throw the bums out, start over, and do things that a career politician would never do."

Falwell also said that since Trump is self-funding his campaign, he is not beholden to any special interest groups. Falwell defended his support of Trump by saying that Christians shouldn’t attack other Christians for what political candidate they choose to support.

After all, said Falwell, “God called King David a man after God's own heart even though he was an adulterer and a murderer. You have to choose the leader that would make the best king or president and not necessarily someone who would be a good pastor. We're not voting for pastor-in-chief. It means sometimes we have to choose a person who has the qualities to lead and who can protect our country and bring us back to economic vitality, and it might not be the person we call when we need somebody to give us spiritual counsel."

Publication date: March 15, 2016