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Justin Bieber: ‘I Think Hell is Instagram’

Justin Bieber: ‘I Think Hell is Instagram’

Popstar Justin Bieber recently said during a concert that he thinks “hell is Instagram.”

In a video of the concert, Bieber asks his fans if he should reactivate his Instagram account. Although the crowd cheers wildly, Bieber continues, "I'm sure, I think, I think hell is Instagram. I'm like 90 percent sure. We get sent to hell, we get locked in the Instagram server."

In the past year, Bieber has made headlines due to his statements about faith, including an interview he did with Complex magazine in which he said “I just wanna honestly live like Jesus.”

Bieber also made headlines by attending popular global Christian church Hillsong.

Bieber claimed that he wanted to change the direction of his life, but acknowledged that it may take people some time to realize he is serious about changing.

“At this point, my faith has gotten me to where I am. My faith has brought me to a whole other level. I love talking about my faith,” he said in the Complex interview.

Charisma News, which reported on Bieber’s claim that Instagram is for the devil, questions whether the popstar was being serious or was speaking to the way social media can distract us from real life and what is truly important.

See below to watch the video of Bieber at his London concert.

Publication date: December 1, 2016