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Justin Bieber Takes Hillsong Pastor’s Advice to Cut out Bad Influences

Justin Bieber Takes Hillsong Pastor’s Advice to Cut out Bad Influences

Pop star Justin Bieber has been spending a lot of time with Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz and other members of the megachurch. Recently, Bieber took his Hillsong friends’ advice to cut out negative influences in his life, and that decision has angered boxer Floyd Mayweather. reports that Bieber used to have a close relationship with Mayweather. Mayweather, however, has a criminal record and has been charged with domestic abuse and assault. He has also been sued for defamation and surrounds himself with wealth and frequents strip clubs.

Apparently deciding that Mayweather was one of the “bad influences” in his life, Bieber unfollowed him on Instagram.

Mayweather then lashed out at Bieber, calling him a “traitor.”

Bieber’s Hillsong friends reportedly encouraged him to reevaluate his relationships, and while they didn’t single out Mayweather, they counseled Bieber to severe ties with former friends who lead lives that could pull Bieber away from the Lord.

Mayweather doesn’t see his friendship with Bieber as a negative influence, however, and is reportedly angry about Bieber’s decision to distance himself. This controversy comes at a time when Mayweather is about to face a widely-promoted fight with Conor McGregor this Saturday, August 26.


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Publication date: August 22, 2017