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Kansas: Christian School Expels Students with LGBT Family Members

Kansas: Christian School Expels Students with LGBT Family Members

A Christian high school in Kansas said it reserves the right to expel students who have LGBT family members or relatives.

According to, Trinity Academy, a private Christian school in Wichita, says in a statement that "when the atmosphere or conduct within a particular home is counter to the school's understanding of a biblical lifestyle, including the practice or promotion of the LGBT lifestyle or alternative gender identity, the school should have the right, in its sole discretion, to deny the admission of an applicant or discontinue enrollment of a current student." orginially reported on the school’s policy, saying that the policy would not even allow for a LGBT relative who was celebate.

The statement from the school on students with LGBT relatives, however, does not appear on the school’s website. 

Instead, the website includes a more general statement which says: "We believe in a biblical perspective for all areas of life. In the social arena, Trinity Academy seeks to impart a respect for the sanctity of life and an abhorrence for the sins of idolatry, abortion, euthanasia, sexual impurity, racism, lying, stealing, gossip, slander, greed, injustice, prejudice, and the abuse of the body through the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco."

While public schools are not allowed to discriminate against students based on issues such as sexuality under the 1972 Education Act, private schools can seek exemption from this Act, and many have done so. reports that they tried to reach out to Trinity for comment on the school’s policy, but both the school’s website and Facebook page were unavailable.

Publication date: May 23, 2016