Kenya’s Supreme Court Declares Recent Election Results Void

Kenya’s Supreme Court Declares Recent Election Results Void

Kenya’s Supreme Court has declared that the results from the country’s recent election of Uhuru Kenyatta were not legitimate, and are thus null and void.

Kenyatta has served as Kenya’s president since 2013 and election results seemed to indicate that he had been elected to serve another term before the Supreme Court ruled that the election had been held in a manner that was unconstitutional.

Kenyatta’s opponent, Raila Odinga, reportedly lost the election by over one million votes, but the Court found that to be untrue.

According to a report from NPR News, "The opposition claimed a vast conspiracy to rig the election and now in a four-two decision, the Supreme Court has found there were so many irregularities, they affected the integrity of the elections. The court has ordered another election within the next 60 days. But the opposition says they can't trust the same body that bungled this election to carry out a new one."

The NPR report also notes that Kenyan election officials had put effort into creating a rig-proof election system this election by implementing a decentralized electronic reporting system and a biometric identification system. These measures, however, at least according to Odinga and his coalition, still proved unsuccessful at preventing voter fraud and election meddling.

Photo courtesy: Religion News Service

Publication date: September 1, 2017