Kirk Cameron Brings His 100-Day American Campfire Revival to a Close: ‘We Pray That You Would Revive Our Nation’

Kirk Cameron Brings His 100-Day American Campfire Revival to a Close: ‘We Pray That You Would Revive Our Nation’

Kirk Cameron celebrated the 100th and final day of his "American Campfire Revival" series last week.

According to CBN News, Cameron started the 100-day revival after President Joe Biden took office and his administration released his 100-day plan.
Cameron, an actor, conservative activist and outspoken Christian, said he wanted his revival to focus on Biblical discussions and how the country can become more unified.

"Make us a Godly nation once again so that we can be a blessing to You and shine the light of Jesus out to the whole world. We pray that You would revive our nation and that You would set those in our civil government free from the captivity that comes from pride, greed, selfishness, and a lust for power," Cameron said in the Campfire Revival video posted to social media.

He added that he hoped his campaign would inspire other Christians to continue to pray for each other and to work together.

"This last 100 days has been a model of what we need to be doing across racial lines, denominational lines, gender lines, economic lines, and political lines," Cameron said to the group. "This has been a good example - these 100 days - and a model for what the church needs to be doing. We need to be unified. We need to gather together and engage, not separate and divide.

"We need to be fearless and full of faith right now. This is the moment that God has placed us on the stage of the world. The stakes are very high. I like freedom and comfort. I like when I'm not scared but there is so much at stake right now that we've got to let our love for people and our love for God swallow our fears and do what needs to be done in this moment. And that takes courage. Courage is not the absence of fear, it's the overcoming of it. We need men and women of courage right now," he asserted.

Cameron said he will be launching other studies now, including a 40-day study on the marriage covenant and later a look at the family covenant.

"You are the next step. You are the ones who have to take what we've been doing, and God's been doing, and you've got to take this somewhere else. With a personal revival in your heart, begin to spark a revival in some other area of culture where God has placed you in a position of influence," he said.


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