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Kirk Cameron Encourages 120 Million Politically Inactive Christians to Vote

  • Amanda Casanova Contributor
  • Published Nov 03, 2020
Kirk Cameron Encourages 120 Million Politically Inactive Christians to Vote

Some 40 million Christians did not vote in the 2016 presidential election, and actor and Christian Kirk Cameron is hoping to encourage more to the polls this election.

"It's even worse than that," Cameron told CBN News' Faith Nation on Monday. "The 40 million are the registered Christian voters who chose not to vote. But there's twice that number who aren't even registered. So you have actually 120 million Christians who have chosen not to vote in presidential elections like this."

Cameron joined with other evangelicals in a California event called “Non-Essential” to encourage politically inactive Christian voters to cast their ballot.

"As I traveled the country this year, speaking to people in churches all over the nation, I'm finding that the enthusiasm level for this election is unique. 2016 had a lot of evangelicals coming out to vote, but it's nothing compared to what I'm seeing now," he continued.

He said he worries that socialism will make its way into America “disguised in the costumes of public health and social justice.”

"I see people of faith waking up to the scary idea that socialism and communism are knocking on our doors this Halloween season," Cameron told America's Newsroom.

"They're disguised in the costumes of public health and social justice, and our governor just deemed going to church nonessential and Thanksgiving with all my grown children in my living room, nonessential," Cameron added.

Cameron is a vocal Trump supporter.

“If Biden wins, it is because the church let it happen. It is in your hands.”

“Non-Essential” featured worship from Danny Gokey, K-LOVE Male Artist of the Year, and several guest speakers.

“Every election cycle, I’m both shocked and disappointed to learn how many Christians do not participate in our elections and it’s my hope that an event like this can make a historical difference,” said Ryan Higgins, co-creator of Non-Essential. “In an era when attending church, worshiping, supporting our police forces, protecting the life of the unborn and so many of the Christian values we hold dear are being deemed non-essential, it’s time for the family of faith to stand and have our voices heard.”

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