Live Jesus Crucifixion Scene Ordered Down by Florida Police

Live Jesus Crucifixion Scene Ordered Down by Florida Police

A live crucifixion scene in Florida was ordered to be taken down on Good Friday The Huffington Post reported.

Lathan Gareiss represented Jesus on the cross on public property in Lehigh Acres, Florida. The realistic crucifixion scene featured faux wounds on Gareiss’ back, knees and head.

“This is just something that I was moved to do,” Gareiss said.

The live depiction was soon ordered down by police, calling it a “public safety hazard.” The location of the scene at a busy intersection was distracting too many drivers, citizens complained.

An organizer of the display argued that there was a reason the crucifixion was placed in a busy area. “When Jesus was crucified, he was done so right on the edge of town where everyone would come by,” he said.

Many citizens in the area voiced their support for what Gareiss did. “I really think we need to recognize and be reminded of what Jesus did for us,” one supporter said.

Gareiss hung on the cross for three hours before the display was removed.


Publication date: April 25, 2014