Man behind Twitter 'God' Account Decides to Delete It

Man behind Twitter 'God' Account Decides to Delete It

David Javerbaum, the person behind the Twitter account posing as “God,” has decided to close the account so that he can focus his efforts elsewhere.

The Christian Post reports that the account had nearly three million followers. Javerbaum founded the account in 2010 after writing a novel titled The Last Testament: A Memoir, which is now a Broadway play called “An Act of God.”

Javerbaum used the account for satire and to post content that some might view as blasphemous.

Javerbaum posted one of the account’s most popular tweets after the death of famous music icon David Bowie.

"David Bowie was the God I always wanted to be," @TheTweetOfGod posted.

Javerbaum revealed that the account was recently hacked and that this contributed to his decision to delete it.

"The triggering event was I got hacked. The Twitter account got hacked. God got hacked, which wasn't surprising. There were a number of obscene messages put up there briefly and then removed," he said.

Javerbaum added, "It's been taking up too much of my time and energy and mental agility. And I have other things that I want to do in my life and I just have to, at a certain point, just cut that cord. And the point was this weekend.”

Javerbaum says he never claimed to be God, but he admitted that he enjoyed the responses he got from his posts.

"I think the thing I'll miss most is the thing I'm leaving deliberately. You tweet something and immediately you see people retweeting it and it feels like, Oh, you have made people laugh. You have caused people to react. And it's a rush."

Publication date: February 19, 2016