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Man Leads Woman to Christ after a Screening of 'The Shack'

Man Leads Woman to Christ after a Screening of 'The Shack'

A British man has shared the story of how he led a woman to Christ after a screening of the film The Shack.

Christian Today reports that the man, who is simply identified as “Marco,” tells the incredible story about leading the woman to Christ in a video which was posted to his church’s “Training for Supernatural Ministry Facebook page where it has received 8,600 views.

Marco says he was inspired to step out in faith and have the courage to share the gospel with people who were in a movie theater preparing to watch The Shack.

Before the film started, Marco says he stook up to address the crowd:  “I say ‘Hey everyone, thank you so much for coming,’ and everyone jumps! And I say, ‘Sorry for disturbing you, but just so you know this film is about a Christian God, who wants to encounter you, and if you have a question after the film or you want some prayer, we're here for you.’”

Marco then sat back down with his friends and everyone watched the film.

After it was over, Marco reiterated to the crowd that he was still there if anyone wanted to talk or needed prayer.

Two women lagged behind, so Marco began talking to one of them. “One lady was really touched," he recalls, “and I asked her, ‘Hey, if God could do a miracle in your life, what would it be?’” The woman shared some prayer requests and Marco prayed and prophesied over her.

“Then I explained the gospel a little bit, and I said that there's this verse in the Bible, which says that Jesus knocks on the door of your heart, and wants to have a relationship with you. I think you've already figured out you can't do it on your own... would you like to start a relationship with Jesus?” Marco continues. “And she said yes, I would like to."

Praise God for this new believer! You never know when God may be softening a heart and calling you to step out in faith to minister to someone!


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Publication date: July 20, 2017