Man Recalls Visiting Heaven During 8-Day Coma

Man Recalls Visiting Heaven During 8-Day Coma

A Montana man is making headlines for his story of going to Heaven while in an 8-day coma last summer.

The Christian Post reports Tom Dolezal was visiting with family at a birthday party for his father, when he had an unusual experience:

“As he was leaving a family celebration for his father's 90th birthday, Dolezal stood outside his family's home and described feeling an evil spirit come over him.”

"I felt like my eyes were burning," Dolezal said, "I had a couple of family members outside with me and I couldn't look at them. I felt like someone kicked me in the heart and I felt a spiritual force that affected me and it felt like it was trying to put a wedge between me and my family."

Dolezal, a Christian, headed home after the incident, trying to make “it back home in time for church on Sunday.” Unfortunately, on the way, he was struck, head-on, by a truck pulling a horse trailer, breaking 22 of his bones and sending him into a coma.

While comatose, Dolezal said he ascended to Heaven. He recounts his experience, telling the Liberty County Times that he “had an out-of-body-experience” and that he “flew away and [he] flew up into Heaven and Heaven is stacked!”

Dolezal also mentioned he saw “a lot of people in ‘purple robes,’” and a harp beside him while lying on the floor. “Eventually, he realized they were holding a service just for him,” The Christian Post reports.

"Then I was standing beside Father God in the room so high I couldn't see the top,” Dolezal described, “I was looking at God's face and his eyes were closed. I saw an angel lying in a way no human could. He had a very pleasant face and he seemed to be resting. Perhaps he is my Guardian Angel as he seemed tired.” Then, the settings changed, according to Dolezal, and he recounted being with Jesus in a field:

"I can't say how I knew it was Jesus, I just knew. I saw myself standing before the Lord and I was perfect, I had a full head of hair and everything. It was Wonderful! I realized Jesus knew everything I was thinking."

Dolezal described Jesus showing him things from a mission trip to China and the Philippines and added,  "I saw this part of my life while interacting with Jesus. Then I saw him with a staff and I said to him, 'you are the shepherd and I am the sheep."

Along with Jesus, Dolezal mentioned he saw family members as well. He told Jesus that he would like to go back to earth if there was someone he could help receive salvation.

Upon waking up from his 8-day coma, Dolezal was eventually discharged from the hospital and from rehab. He is now back at home, recovering, no doubt remembering this vivid experience.

Publication Date: June 28, 2018

Photo Courtesy: GoFundMe