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Man Allegedly Stabs Toddler 11 Times to 'Get the Demons Out of Her': Report

Man Allegedly Stabs Toddler 11 Times to 'Get the Demons Out of Her': Report

A man in Nevada is accused of stabbing a 3-year-old girl multiple times, saying he was trying to “get the demons out of her.”

Alan Wilson, 28, allegedly stabbed the girl up to 11 times on March 31 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to one report, the attack started during a home Bible study. Another report, however, says the attack may have happened while the toddler was eating dinner.

About five other family members were at the house. It’s unclear how Wilson is related to the toddler.

Faithwire reports that witnesses told police Wilson attacked the child from behind, and another family member was able to take the knife away from him.

“I need to get the demons out of her,” a witness recalled Wilson saying during the attack. “I need to save her.”

Wilson fled the scene following the attack but was arrested by police within about an hour. Wilson reportedly called his aunt from a gas station to tell her where he was and that he was sorry. He was then arrested.

The girl was taken to a hospital for immediate surgery with damage to her spleen, kidney and an artery. She was stabbed seven times in the back, once under her arm and twice in her arm.

Doctors say she is in critical condition, and a report from a local TV news station said late last week that she is “fighting for her life” after the attack.

Family members told police that Wilson had previously been in jail and served in solitary confinement. He was released in 2021 after serving a conviction for injuring a woman during a robbery and attacking family members.

Wilson faces charges for attempted murder with a deadly weapon, child abuse with substantial bodily harm with a deadly weapon, and battery with a use of a deadly weapon.


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