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Man Uses His Guitar to Fight Terrorist, is Hailed as National Hero

Man Uses His Guitar to Fight Terrorist, is Hailed as National Hero

An Israeli man is being hailed as a hero after he used his guitar to stop a terrorist in his killing spree.

The Blaze reports that Yishai Montgomery, a 26-year-old amateur guitarist, was sitting on near the ocean when he heard people screaming.

“I had just sat down to play my guitar near the ocean when I heard screams from down the road,” he said. “Immediately, I stood up and started to run after him with my guitar, I slammed it on his head. He was stunned and didn’t know what to do with himself,” Montgomery told Israel’s Channel 2.

“Then, I realized that I was the only person who knew that he was the terrorist,” Montgomery continued. “He started to run down the street. I left everything behind and shouted ‘terrorist,’ and started to run after him with a group of six to seven people.”

Montgomery is being hailed as the “Guitar Hero.” He says if he didn’t have his guitar with him, the terrorist “would have succeeded in stabbing me.”

An American citizen was killed in the attack and a dozen others were injured. Coincidentally, the American who was killed was from Lubbock, Texas, the same city as the guitarist’s father and grandparents.

The terrorist was shot and killed at the scene of the crime.

Montgomery was interviewed by many Israeli media sources and Israelis contributed money to buy him a new guitar. A local music store beat them to it, however, and gave him a guitar to reward his bravery.

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Publication date: March 9, 2016