Mark Driscoll Book Contract Reveals how Pastor Manipulated Ratings

Mark Driscoll Book Contract Reveals how Pastor Manipulated Ratings

The contract for former megachurch Pastor Mark Driscoll’s book Real Marriage was recently released online, and shows that Driscoll and his wife, Grace, were paid an advance of $400,000 for the book.

According to Christian Today, the book contract was released online by blogger WenatcheeTheHatchet

The contract between Driscoll’s former church, Mars Hill, and Result Source allowed Mars Hill to purchase 11,000 copies of the book at a discounted rate so that the number of books bought by the church would contribute to the book’s ostensible success and would increase its ratings.

Blogger Warren Throckmorton who extensively covered the case showed that the contract said all royalties from the book’s sale would go to the Driscoll’s and not to Mars Hill.

Driscoll’s attempt to manipulate the popularity of his book is thought to be unethical. Throckmorton also states that the book was found to have multiple instances of plagiarism. 

These and other controversies led to Driscoll’s resignation from Mars Hill.

It is reported that Driscoll is launching a new church in Phoenix. He is listed as a director of The Trinity Church which is described as a “Bible based Christian Church.”

Publication date: January 5, 2015