Mark Driscoll Officially Launches New Church in Arizona

Mark Driscoll Officially Launches New Church in Arizona
Controversial megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll has officially launched a new church in Scottsdale, Arizona. blogger Warren Throckmorton reports that Driscoll’s new church, The Trinity Church, is just outside of Phoenix.
Although Driscoll had conducted an Easter service at the church, last Sunday, August 7, marked the official launch of the church.
Driscoll moved to Arizona to plant the church after he was forced to resign from his position as senior pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Driscoll had been accused of plagiarism, abuse of power, and racketeering.
Throckmorton reports that, although Driscoll had initially agreed to a plan of restoration at Mars Hill, he later alleged that a trap had been set for him and that God wanted him to plant a church elsewhere.
There were reportedly 162 cars in The Trinity Church’s parking lot for the church’s first service at 9 a.m. and 170 cars there for the church’s second service at 10:45 a.m.
Churchgoers were not the only people present, however.
A reporter from Seattle was on the seen, and said that he had asked to speak with Driscoll but was denied.
There was also a protester who held a sign that accused Driscoll of being power-hungry.