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Matthew West Premieres Powerful Pro-Life Song to Be Featured in New Movie Unplanned

  • Kayla Koslosky Former Editor
  • Updated Mar 29, 2019
Matthew West Premieres Powerful Pro-Life Song to Be Featured in New Movie <em>Unplanned</em>

Four-time Grammy Nominated Christian singer and songwriter Matthew West premiered his new song on Friday, and it packs a powerful pro-life punch. 

West’s song “Unplanned” is expected to appear in the new pro-life movie by the same namesake.

As reported, the R rated Christian movie “tells the story of Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood director who changed her mind about the issue after watching an abortion in her clinic” and later became a powerful pro-life leader.

When writing the song “Unplanned” to be the movie’s title track, CBN News reports that West said he thought a lot about seeing his own daughter’s first ultrasound and what that meant to him.

The song starts off with West singing, “I'm looking at a masterpiece/ I'm staring at a work of art/ I'm listening to a symphony/ In every beat of your tiny heart/ You used to be a choice to make/ But now I think you've chosen me /'Cause I see ten fingers, ten toes /Two eyes and I know this is meant to be.”

“I wrote this from the perspective of someone seeing their newborn baby for the first time,” West said in a statement following the release of the song last week.

He continued, “I tried to capture the feelings I had when I first heard my own daughter’s heartbeat, the overwhelming sense of life that is precious, a life that is a miracle, and a life that is a gift.”

“I hope this song moves you the way it moved me,” he added

While the Unplanned movie starring Ashley Bratcher, Brooks Ryan and Robia Scott among others has yet to hit theaters, you can listen to West’s inspiring new song about life across all major streaming platforms. 

The Unplanned movie is set to hit theaters on March 29.

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Video courtesy: Matthew West