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Matthew West Releases Controversial Parody Song on Female Modesty called 'Modest Is Hottest'

Matthew West Releases Controversial Parody Song on Female Modesty called 'Modest Is Hottest'

Singer and songwriter Matthew West has released a new parody song called "Modest is Hottest," a song about fathers and their daughters.

"As a dad raising daughters, this song is my ridiculous way of reminding them that their appearance doesn't define them," he said in a Tweet. "While the world might focus on the outward appearance, the Lord looks at the heart. Regardless, they are beautiful inside and out (even in turtlenecks!)

According to The Christian Post, West said the song is about an "age-old" struggle with daughters.

"It's for all of the fathers out there whose daughters are joining TikTok and starting to date," he said. "The struggle is real."

Matthew and his wife, Emily, have two daughters, Lulu and Delaney West.

"Modest is hottest, the latest fashion trend is a little more Amish, a little less Kardashian," he sings in the song. "What the boys really love is a turtleneck and a sensible pair of slacks/Honey, modest is hottest, sincerely your dad."

In the music video, West appears with his daughters.

He joked on Twitter that his daughter may "disown" him because of the song.

"Moms and Dads around the world yeah, they're on their knees. Lord make them more like Jesus and less like Cardi-B," he says, adding "no offense to Card-B."

Meanwhile, West's song has drawn criticism from some. In comments on his Twitter page and his YouTube channel, listeners say the song focuses too much on a woman's appearance and isn't "biblical."'

"Why do men always assume women are dressing for men? I don't care what the 'boys' like," one user wrote. "I dress for me, and I still managed to find a husband."

Another wrote: "I would love to see you write a song to boys and young men, telling them to respect girls and women, to get to know their crush as a person, and spend time with them, before considering anything more, and that they are solely responsible for their behavior. Men, some women and society overall need to stop blaming girls and women for creepy, predatory boys and men."

West hasn't responded to criticism about the new song.

"Modest is Hottest" isn't West's first light-hearted parody song. In 2020, he released the "Quarantine Life" song, which dealt with the realities of pandemic life.


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