Max Lucado Responds to Hurricane Harvey: ‘Catastrophes Must Occur’ before Christ’s Return

Max Lucado Responds to Hurricane Harvey: ‘Catastrophes Must Occur’ before Christ’s Return

Pastor and author Max Lucado has written a response to Hurricane Harvey in which he highlights three major lessons that Christians can take away from such a devastating event, according to The Christian Post.

In a blog post on his website, Lucado writes, "As you've listened to evacuees and survivors, have you noticed their words? No one laments a lost plasma television or submerged SUV. No one runs through the streets yelling, 'My cordless drill is missing' or 'My golf clubs have washed away.' If they mourn, it is for people lost. If they rejoice, it is for people found.”

In times of tragedy and disaster which followed Harvey, people realize what’s truly important, Lucado notes. “Stuff doesn’t last. Relationships do,” he writes is lesson number one.

"We saw, and are seeing, how humanity can come together and help each other. Lifeboats did not discriminate by color of skin. Rescuers did not ask if the needy were Republican or Democrat. Helicopter rescue wasn't offered only to the rich or educated. People came together to help people," he continues. Lesson number two is that “We really are in this together.”

Thirdly, Lucado writes, a disaster like Hurricane Harvey reminds us that “This world doesn’t work but the next one will.”

"It is not to me to declare the day the Lord will return. But we know this much: it's the beginning of the end and the beginning of new beginnings. Calamities and catastrophes must occur before the birth of the new world. In the meantime — practice what they teach in Lamaze classes — take some deep breaths and hold the hand of the one who loves you."

He concluded, “Listen to the lessons of Harvey. Let the storm remind you of the value of relationships, people and, most of all, the promise of heaven.”


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Publication date: August 31, 2017