Meriam Ibrahim: I Don't Support 'I Am a Christian' Film

Meriam Ibrahim: I Don't Support 'I Am a Christian' Film

Filmmakers are working on a project to bring Meriam Ibrahim’s story to the big screen, but the Sudanese Christian says she has not approve of the film being made. 

Ibrahim was raised a Christian from childhood and married a Christian man. However, the Sudanese government viewed the marriage as illegitimate since Ibrahim’s father was a Muslim. She was charged with apostasy and sentenced to 100 lashed and death by hanging, all the time refusing to renounce her Christian faith

The persecuted Christian woman now says she did not give production company Christian Lives Matter consent to make the film “I Am a Christian,” telling the group that she has already accepted another company’s offer. 

Ibrahim’s husband Daniel Wani said that they felt Christian Lives Matter was "taking advantage of them.” 

Ibrahim told Christian Today that she feels as if she is imprisoned in Sudan all over again. The filmmakers are "killing me and killing my dream,” she said. 

Publication date: March 18, 2015