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Microsoft Technology Makes Hologram Bible Possible

Microsoft Technology Makes Hologram Bible Possible

Microsoft recently unveiled the HoloLens, a headset that overlays images in the real world.

The device places the images and text in real-world locations, such as a virtual list on your real fridge or a virtual TV on your real wall.

But what could all this mean for the Bible, Stephen Smith asks in a column at Christianity Today.

“The main limitation of digital resources for this person is space; small screens (compared to the size of a desk) don’t provide enough room to look at very many resources simultaneously, forcing them to toggle between resources.

“Holograms remove this space limitation by expanding your working area to your entire physical desktop,” Smith said.

In a possible scenario, you could open a physical Bible on your real desk and the headset will provide supplementary text around your Bible.

“Here I imagine that you, wearing holographic goggles, have tapped Psalm 27:1 in your print Bible. The goggles recognize the gesture, draw a box around the text in your Bible, and provide all sorts of supplementary material in which you’ve previously expressed interest: photos for some sort of illustration, various commentary and exegetical helps, and cross-references.”

Smith's piece is titled "Your Next Bible Will Be a Hologram." Time will tell if Christians do embrace the hologram technology. 

Publication date: January 27, 2015