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Moody Bible Institute Sued for Allegedly Taking Advantage of Seniors

Moody Bible Institute Sued for Allegedly Taking Advantage of Seniors

Moody Bible Institute has been accused of taking advantage of the elderly in a recent lawsuit. reports that Lisa Higdon filed the lawsuit on behalf of 89-year-old Hazel Turner. Higdon is Turner’s caregiver and appointed guardian. 

Turner has dementia. “She’s had memory issues for quite sometime,” Higdon said.

Turner is a longtime supporter of Moody and donated to the organization frequently. 

However, Higdon began questioning Moody’s intentions back in 2013 when a representative from Moody began coming to Turner’s residence, saying that Turner had signed her property over to a trust managed by Moody. Documents Turner signed also name Moody as a beneficiary of her estate and an executor of her will.

Higdon says when she asked Turner about signing the document, Turner stated, “I would never do that.”

Higdon believes that Moody purposefully took advantage of an elderly person, and that is why she filed the lawsuit.

Moody, however, maintains its innocence.

Part of a statement released by the Institute asserts, “We have been made aware of the lawsuit recently filed in the Northern District of Georgia. A nearly identical lawsuit filed by the same law firm was recently dismissed by the Court earlier this year. Like the previous lawsuit, there is absolutely no merit to the Plaintiff’s case and we intend to vigorously defend against the unfounded allegations and are confident we will again prevail.”

John Melvin, deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney for Cobb County believes that Moody does some good work, but this does not excuse the current case.

“I know that Moody Bible Institute does some good but that doesn’t mean that everyone working for them is good, they may have some rogue agents,” Melvin said.

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Publication date: November 5, 2015