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Poll: Most Americans Back Exemption to Contraceptive Mandate

  • Religion Today
  • Published Mar 14, 2012
Poll: Most Americans Back Exemption to Contraceptive Mandate

March 15, 2012

According to a new poll, a majority of Americans say religiously affiliated organizations, such as hospitals and universities, should be exempt from the Obama administration's abortion/contraceptive mandate, Baptist Press reports. The survey, conducted by CBS News and the New York Times, found that by a 57-36 percent margin, U.S. adults believe religious organizations should have the right to "opt out" of covering birth control for their female employees. The poll did not use the word "abortion," although Christian leaders say the mandate would require employers to cover contraceptives that can cause chemical abortions after fertilization, such as Plan B and "ella." The poll also found that 51 percent of adults believe that any employer -- not just religious ones -- should be able to opt out if they find such coverage objectionable based on religious or moral beliefs. Forty percent disagreed.